making ideas visible

I’ve drawn since I can remember. To translate our 3-D world to a 2D surface, some info has to be purged! My specialty is considering what to purge, what to keep, and how to arrange it. I write about that. I explore approaches at workshops and in my courses and lectures on effective design communication.

San Francisco’s industrial landscape provided my first plein air experience bringing wide scenarios to flat paper. Every site embodies unseen elements; previous structures, political history, symbolic forms and human aspirations. I’ve drawn factories, ports and dams, where employees shared their favorite spots. I learned about engineering and American prosperity. Over the years, I’ve exhibited large charcoal drawings and watercolors made at these sites.

Drawing such broad content led me to art directors, architects and engineers, with whom I have enjoyed years of collaboration on projects in California and abroad. My drawings have spoken for ideas as large as the Ferry Building‘s post-quake rebirth, abstract as the concept of natural capital, and tiny as a glow-in-the-dark credit card.